Blackberry Lemon CBD drink 100 mg

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Purifa cannabidiol (CBD) concentrates are a revolution in the world of CBD production and delivery.  Using a proprietary manufacturing process, Purifa has created the highest quality water soluble drink CBD products available.
Truly Water Soluble – Our concentrates can be added to any beverage for a stable and non oily CBD cocktail.
Increased Bioavailability – Our products are up to 90% more bioavailable to your body compared to conventional delivery and production techniques.
Fast Acting – Our concentrates begin to absorb into your bloodstream and work faster than traditional CBD products. Relief in minutes… not hours.
All Natural – We take pride in creating all of our products with only all natural, sustainable sourced, Non-GMO ingredients.  No artificial colors, flavors or filters.
Gluten and Soy Free- Safe for celiacs.
Sugar Free – Our products are naturally sweet  and contain no added sugars or artificial sweeteners and are safe for diabetic and people  with blood sugar regulation issues.
Blackberry Lemon Flavor 100 mg of CBD – 4-16 serving sizes